Sash Window Repairs

We guarantee to match all genuine like for like box sash windows quotes within kent and london!
We can now double glaze all traditional box sash windows using frames and sashes – please enquire!

Sash Window Repairs

London Box Sash Windows carry out sash window repairs to around 99% of the windows surveyed and will always try to economically repair your traditional sliding sash windows before considering costly replacement. There are plenty of modern upgrades that can make your original sash windows far more comfortable. It is worth considering sash window repairs as a viable alternative to entire replacement. We can repair any sash window, and as previously highlighted 99% of them viably. It’s very easy to be critical of your traditional sash windows but it should be mentioned, most have been in place for over one hundred years now and in most cases still going strong! This very design has not been improved upon, bar the inclusion of double glazing and draught proofing in centuries!

We carry out sill replacement, lower sash rail replacement, splices to box frame, and reglazing as part of our comprehensive sash window repairs service. In terms of cost, hypothetically speaking, you may need a new sill, draught proofing system, and upgraded security to your original windows. This usually costs around a third of entire replacement. The benefits of a draught proofing system are now well documented. The difference, as I always highlight to home owners, simply put, is that you can feel the heat of your radiators bouncing back into the room, rather than just escaping through your windows.

There is no good reason to throw your original sash windows away, even if your considering double glazing. We even make full use of your original sash windows in most cases when customers wish to double glaze, as well as draught proof. This typically costs in the region of half the price of entire replacement. Granted you need to decorate, or have us provide the service as part of the upgrade, but it’s certainly a very healthy saving, especially if you have any volume of windows! If your considering sash window repairs we would be very pleased to hear from you!

As you can see from the pictures, once your windows are structurally repaired there is in fact, no obvious signs they have had any type of service carried out. They will appear as when they were originally made! Our normal company procedure is the carpenter who carries out your survey, will also complete the work. Individual detail is discussed with almost every customer, therefor it is in our experience, much better that the chap you have round on the initial visit, should carry out your sash window repairs.

High quality replacements such as Oak and Accoya are suggested to have a seventy year lifespan. That’s certainly not the hundred plus that has been proven with your quality Pine that you most likely, currently have.

We also offer comprehensive door and French Door Repairs if you have other external joinery in need of help!