Draught Proofing

We guarantee to match all genuine like for like box sash windows quotes within kent and london!
We can now double glaze all traditional box sash windows using frames and sashes – please enquire!

Sash Window Draught Proofing

We have over ten years experience of sash window draught proofing and have installed the very same sash window draught proofing system during this time. Sash Window draught proofing can be carried out in a number of ways but most commonly, hidden rebated brushes are used. The draught seals are very durable and of high quality. The draught seal design was very good to start with and has not really needed to change. The picture is of windows which have a draught proofing system installed and as you can see there are no visable signs of the draught proofing system – just how it should be!

There is a fair variety of ways in which we can install a sash window draught proofing system, for example you may have the seals on the parting and staff beads as well as the sashes. Some may prefer to install onto the sides of the sashes which in some cases can be equally effective. On occasion some like to have installed on both.

We could show you any number of pictures as to how the draught proofing system is installed but a site visit from one of our carpenter’s will make all this clear.

Draught Proofing itself can be very beneficial in a number of ways including reduced heat loss, lower noise pollution, energy savings, and is excellent at stopping rattles. If you feel that would like to further improve the efficiency of your windows we can offer a sash window double glazing service.

What is Included?
Remove and dispose of staff bead.
Remove lower sash, cords and weights
Remove and dispose of parting bead
Remove top sash cords and weights
Scrape down pulley stiles
Carry out any specified repairs
Pack out or shoot in sashes to frame
Ensure meeting rails are aligned
Remove all old furniture
Repair where catches have been,
Re-hang top sash, balance weights
Install draught seal into sashes
Fit new parting bead with seals
Re-hang lower sash
Fit new staff bead
Fit new ironmongery/ locks

We also install draught proofing systems to doors as pictured. We simply remove the door and rebate a groove around the door, then install our draught proofing. When the door closes against the frame a perimeter seal is created. Draught proofing your front door is very cost effective over replacement and will give equal or better results.

We only use the best draught proofing materials on the market. We install British made sash cord which is some of the highest quality to be found anywhere.It would be reasonable to expect these cords to last twenty years. Our manufacture guarantees the materials to last a minimum of ten years. I can say in the last ten years of operating we have only had a handful of cases where the draught seals no longer functioned properly and all of the cases were due to poor decoration rather than the draught seals breaking down.