Double Glaze Existing Sash

We guarantee to match all genuine like for like box sash windows quotes within kent and london!
We can now double glaze all traditional box sash windows using frames and sashes – please enquire!

Double Glazed Sash Windows

There are three main ways to double glaze your sash windows. Firstly there is a possibility your windows are thick enough hold a double glazed unit. If this is the case then having your sash windows double glazed is very viable in terms of costs to heat retention and energy savings. We would take your original sashes, rebate them deeper to hold a sealed unit and finish with a neat glazing bead. Then installed with a draught proofing system you have the benefits of a new double glazed sash window for half the cost of full replacement!

If your sashes are too thin or the mortice and tenon are not suitable for this process then we can manufacture you a pair of sashes suitable for your sash window frame and then put together with a full draught proofing system. This costs just above half the price of full replacement in most cases. The sashes will be made to match your existing. Pictured right is a double glazed sash window which has been replaced using the orginal frame. As you can see it’s virtually impossible to tell they are double glazed .

The third option is a complete new window which is supplied fully finished with furniture and locks of your choice . We always recommend using your existing windows and frames if possible, simply to keep the cost down as the overall energy efficiency of each option is reletively similar if installed correctly.