Sash Windows Locks and Security

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Sash Windows Locks and Security

When choosing sash windows security there are many things to consider which on the surface may not appear so obvious. An example would be that some locks are not accepted by insurance companies even if they appear tough and reliable. Sash window locks can also vary in thier operation. Some serve to lock the sash window as is, whereas other types of lock allow some opening before restricting the operation of the window. Then there is the style to consider, some prefer locking fitch fasteners to locking Brighton Fasteners.

The first lock to look into is the catch which will hold the windows closed without key operation. This is almost always in place as additional security to some form of sash stop. There are really two main groups of Catch and they are Spoon Catches (Fitch Fasteners) and Clamp Catches (Brighton Fastners). They both serve the same purpose but operate in a different way. The spoon fastener swivels across the sashes to create a lock whereas the Brighton Fastener pulls across the the sash to create it’ lock. Aesthetically nearly always the client will choose Fitch Fasteners until they become aware of the fact Brighton Fasteners will assist with draught proofing of your sash windows by pulling both meeting rails tightly together. This would also appear more secure but it would be unfair to judge either in terms of security as they are pretty similar in this respect.

Once the catch requirement is met we will now look at a key operated lock to meet insurance requirements. There is a good selection now available and almost all form a lock four inches above the bottom sash so that a small amount of ventilation can be achieved whilst still having some ventilation should it be required. These are generally known as sash stops or security restrictors. These are the best on the market for security and will undoubtedly stop any intruder from simply breaking glass and moving either sash open. The force required to break this lock could only be met with extreme leverage. This would certainly be considered adequate in terms of a detterent and alarm.

Other householders prefer security pins which are installed directly between both meeting rails. These are not ideal in tandem with a draught proofing system unless the meeting rail itself carries enough width to allow both without damaging the draught exclusion system. If the client requires the window to be fixed in position additional gromits may be installed and the sash stops lowered to the meeting point of sashes creating a barrier before the sash has any travel. This does not compromise the functionality of the sash window once removed.

If the above does not leave you feeling secure then the next step is to have toughened glass installed into your sashes. This makes breaking the glass alone very difficult, never mind the need to then remove any security restrictors that may have been installed. You can use 6.4mm laminate safety glass in this instance but I would suggest the toughened glass to me more awkward for any potential burglar.

Your final option is to then have security griddles installed internally. This renders entrance once locked practically impossible – Infact when screws that are used to install the griddle have thier heads ground down, renders entrance extremely difficult for a sash window expert with internal access! The downside to these griddles are they are unattractive and prohibit the maximum width of the frame opening!

Sash Windows Locks and Security