Sash Window Sill Replacement

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Sash Window Sill Replacement

Sash Window Sill replacement is actually quite involved and unless you have plenty of time to carry this out (approx 6-8 hours). That said if you do have the time or able DIY Competent then read on as in a short article will teach the basics of sash window sill replacement and even if you make a complete mess of it you can call me to rectify it!

Sash window restoration of this nature can be surprisingly gratifying and extremely rewarding if carried out well as can be an expensive project if you are unable to make the sash repairs yourself.

Firstly we will look at the tools required. I can replace a sill with cordless drill, hand saw, hammer, chisels, router, 8-10mm router bit and a tape measure. The materials required are Sill Section, five by one prepared redwood, and a good quality two part resin.

Armed with the right equipment and materials you will now look at your rotten sill. Firstly measure the length of the sill from side to side on the window and make a note so you know what to expect when the job is completed properly. Secondly you will cut the pulley style inside the frame approximately 18 inches up at a 45 degree angle either side of the frame. Once both sides are cut you will then be able to remove them gently with a hammer and chisel – do this carefully so you can use them as a template. Now remove the inner window board sometimes known as nosing.

Gently prise the front and back cheeks of the box sash window frame away from the window sill. If possible take the sill out in one piece now. The benefits are you can use this sill as an exact template to replicate your new sill and will make life extremely easy when marking out where to replace.

Once all removed you will now need to hoover or sweep up any debris left. You now need to replicate those three sections of timber you have removed. The router is used to form the groove for the pulley style you have removed. This will be apparent on old window pulley style. The sill will need housing out using a hand saw and chisels. Once done check they match the timber you have removed and place back in situ. You will now need to pilot and attach the front and back cheeks.

Slide the pulley style into the new housed out sill and attach. Now all in place should be solid. At this point fill and sand the pilot holes and any joints you have created.You are now ready to prime, undercoat and decorate your newly installed window sill!

There are certain steps which have been omitted and that may occur during sill replacement:

Firstly you may find outer cheeks are rotten and this means that they will also need splicing at a 45 degree angle. As you cut the outer cheek you will find access difficult. This is common so just stick with it. You may also find that by removing the sill you cause damage to the plaster work and surround. It is well worth using a knife arround the architrave and beneath the sill to break the seal. This will significantly improve your chances of avoiding damage to the property around.

You should also consider that if the sill has only minor decay on the front edge for example that a minor timber splice is more suitable. Not only is a smaller splice better in terms of disturbing the sash window it will also cost less in timber. The main thing toi rmember is that you must remove all decay as otherwise this will become a problem again in a few years time. Make sure the joint is neat and tight and that you have a resin bond between the two to give the best possible chance of long term adhesion. Once the repair is effected be sure to prime as quickly as possible to seal the repair

Sash Window Sill Replacement