Sash Window Draught Proofing

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Sash Window Draught Proofing

Are your Sash Windows Draughty and Rattle In The Wind? Sash Windows Draught Proofing carries many benefits to your period home. Most of us living within London are likely to have draughty old sash windows. As ornate and aesthetically pleasing as they suffer from draughts coming through. Available today from many sash repair specialists are systems which not only work very effectively, are also completely hidden within the functioning mechanism of the window itself. We have in the past had measures which are simply attached to the windows which offer little benefit and look incredibly unsightly.

The modern system available from most sash windows specialists is so comprehensive you will actually notice the difference before and after the day of insulation. Some of the other associated benefits I noted was that the windows no longer rattled in the wind or when a heavy vehicle came past. This is of massive benefit as most people still believe that aside from putting up with these original windows downfalls, the only other real option is total replacement. Given draught proofing only costs a fraction of the price of total replacement and offers a large proportion of improvement, represents extremely good value to the homeowner. Although there are lots of variations of draught proofing installed, the main type used is a white nylon brush pile which feels like cotton to touch. This can be seen when windows are open running along parting and staff beads. Also usually installed into top of the top sash, bottom and meeting rail of bottom sash. If the draught proofing is not installed in the parting and staff beads as mentioned above then the the system should have been installed along the sides of the sashes which is often known in the trade as a ‘hidden treat’. If the requirements above are not met then you are unlikely to have a full comprehensive draught proofing system.

One thing that I did not notice until further down the line was that nets and curtains no longer gathered dust and dirt in the same way they used to. This is because the draught proofing system which creates a perimeter seal against the frame, catching the dust just in the same way that it stops the draughts coming through. You may ask yourself what happens to all this dirt? Well pretty simply it gathers on the draught seals and periodically you would want to simply clean this draught proofing with a sponge and warm soapy water. Don’t worry as mentioned above the draught proofing is made from nylon and is extremely durable, even if to touch your first guess would be cotton. The idea of using a natural materials was briefly considered however in terms of offering good value to the client was not possible. The main reason is that cotton would break down far too quickly and easily.

Sash windows can now be draught proofed using modern materials and techniques which have become available in the last twenty years. Assuming your traditional windows are in reasonable condition they can be fully serviced to incorporate a draught proofing system. This system supplied by most window specialists is usually part of a sash windows renovation process which is considerably cheaper than full replacement to achieve similar energysaving costs. The draught proofing system can be installed within a day if you have up to six windows and usually costs £200.00-£300.00 per window depending on size, style and condition. Most sash window companies offer a standard guarantee on this installation. The normal period is five years however this is not set in stone and is totally at the discretion of the appointed company. It’s worth checking this before you agree to any work carried out as it reflects part of a complete package.

Draught proofing systems can save a large amount on heating. Official figures suggest that a twenty-six percent of all heat lost in a typical Victorian home is through sash windows. Installing This will obviously not cut your heating bill by twenty-six percent however does indicate how much heat is being wasted in this area and as such a considerable area to cut down upon.

The installation itself is relatively straight forward. To give an idea of what’s involved you have the windows removed and planed for fit frame better, seals installed into sash and into both parting and staff beads. On assembly you will not there is a complete perimeter seal which is essentially what it’s called a ‘draught proofing system’. This system can also be used as part of an energysaving plan. For example you may have your original sashes double glazed and then draught sealed. Doing this obviously enhances the effects of the sash window system.

Once completed you will normally need to at the very least touch up windows where they have been removed, but more usually the windows are fully redecorated and new hardware such as sash pulls and Brighton Fastners are installed ready for another five years of care free service!

Sash Window Draught Proofing