Re-Glazing Your Sash Windows

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Re-Glazing Your Sash Windows

You may need to re-glaze your sash windows for a number of reasons, most commonly if you have broken a pane of glass. The process to do this job is remarkably straight forward. Firstly a sash window company will remove the sash from the frame to gain easy access. They will then remove all glass from the sash with a hammer being careful not to cause themselves injury and will be wearing eye protection as well as gloves.

Once all glass is broken away they will begin to hack out the putty which always remains after knocking out of the glass. This process takes a while as due care to not hacking away the timber from the sash as well as the putty has to be taken. At this stage all putty is removed and the sash is ready for a piece of glass, it is always advised that the reveal is primed, so that if required in the future to be glazed again, It will minimise the damage to timber on it’s removal.

A piece of glass is now cut to size using a glass cutter. The standard glass installed into a sash window is 4mm clear. This needs to be checked by a proffesional as there are certain requirements that need to be met in terms of height of sash window and position. It may be that the sash requires a 6.4mm laminate safety glass or even 4mm toughened. This can be checked with any glazier or sash window company.

The glass is beded into the sash window with puttey. The glass is then secured back into position with small glazing pins. At this point a neat bead of puttey is run externally and the sash window is ready to be returned to it’s box frame. A tip would be to pin the original cords in place when you remove the sash as it’s likely the glass was the only problem – not the servicing of the windows. Make a note of where the cord was attached so that you can replace in the same position for ease of fitting and to take any calculation from the equation. Attach the cords and replace the parting/staff bead into position.

Another reason you may be replacing glass is that the glass currently installed is outdated or does not meet your current plans. A good example would be if you happened to change the layout of your house you might find that the glass in the bathroom has clear. This is not ideal and would make sense to atleast glaze the lower sash with an obscure glass. Most commonly used in bathrooms these days are satin or sandblast. They are effectively the same look but with a different method of finish. Satin Glass is chemically etched. One advantage Satin has over sandblast is that it can be easily cleaned since the glass is still smooth. Satin has one main negative property and that is when wet it will become more opaque. This is not ideal in the bathroom! Sandblast does not do this however as previously mentioned it does suffer from being difficult to clean. The best type of glass although more expensive for this scenario would be 6.4mm white laminate. It’s a safety glass (good for slippery bathroom). The etching on the white laminate is within the two panes of glass and so a smooth surface for cleaning and does not go opaque when moist.

You may wish to upgrade your glass for security. 6.4mm clear laminate is an ideal glass for security. It’s strong and will fit into normal single glazed rebates. This means no costly alterations to sashes. It will not shatter on impact more crack – like a car windscreen. This will give you alot greater security and more assurance of protection. You may also consider hacing 4mm toughened. This type of glass is found on the doors of cars. It is extremely durable but if impacted then will shatter. The benefits of using 4mm toughened is that it meets all safety and security requirements without increasing the weight of the sashes. All of the glass that applies for security works and serves to protect you and your family in terms of safety.

Re-Glazing Your Sash Windows