Box Sash Windows

South Eastern Box Sash Windows have over ten years of experience in the repair, draught proofing, restoration, and replacement of box sash windows in Kent and London. WE GUARANTEE TO MATCH ALL LIKE FOR LIKE BOX SASH WINDOWS QUOTES WITHIN KENT AND LONDON!


We are able to provide all products and services to your sash windows. We specialise in repair and restoration over replacement and will always aim to work with your existing joinery. Kent and London have many sash windows that are in need of restoration and we work hard to bring them back to an excellent structural and aesthetic condition.

Fully Restored Box Sash WindowAs beautiful and functionally good as your windows may be they do suffer from the same inherent problems. You may want to look at servicing them if they are:

-Draughty through sides and meeting rail.
-Rattling in the wind and when vehicles pass.
-Allowing dust ingress with the draughts.
-Generally not operating well.
-Suffering from rot and timber decay.
-Not As Secure as you might like.
-Windows are too noisy.

We have come across many sash windows in Kent and London that may require more than simple repair and draught proofing. If you are on a particularly noisy street you may wish to have your existing sash windows double glazed. It may be possible dependent on their thickness and general condition. If your sash windows in place currently are not thick enough to hold a double glazed unit then don’t worry! We can manufacture sashes to match your originals, thick enough to hold double glazed units to fit your original box sash window frame. This will still save hundreds of pounds on full replacement windows.

Traditional Period London homes have in the past almost always been built with sash windows incorporated into their design. Wooden Sash Windows are the most aesthetically pleasing type of window available today and that is exceptional considering they were first invented hundreds of years ago. It is a testament to their design that we have not been able to produce a better functioning window.

Box Sash WindowsSouth Eastern Box Sash Windows have been restoring, repairing, and replacing sash windows for nearly a decade. We have a combined experience of over thirty years. When you request a free no obligation quotation you will feel comfortable in the knowledge we will do the very best for your windows.

All of our sash window services are covered with a five year guarantee. The materials we use are of the highest quality and will last way beyond our guarantee period. We have repaired hundreds and thousands of sash windows throughout London and Kent.

We would be glad to offer you a no obligation free quotation and can offer you excellent advice on how to preserve your windows as well as save money on costly replacement. We will advise you on insulation, security, and full decoration should you require.

We will work with you to make your windows that much more comfortable. We are happy to restore any windows in any condition and take on jobs from one window right through to numbers in the hundreds. Our friendly team will be happy to help you. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line and we will help you return your windows to thier orginal glory.